An Interstate Technological-Intelligence Conflict?

The Japanese say they have the right to shoot down any object that is “falling” toward Japan. The implication is that they will attempt to shoot down whatever the North Koreans launch in April and claim, regardless of the actualite, that the projectile was failing. The US will presumably back them up at the UN,  should NK raise the issue and attempt to draw a parallel between their launch and the unmolested launch of a communications satellite by Iran earlier this year. Meanwhile the North Koreans have no intelligence gathering satellite technology already in place and will therefore have no means to demonstrate publicly that a) it was in fact a satellite and b) it was not falling toward Japan or anywhere else. The Japanese have the technology; the North Koreans have no intelligence. And the world will note both the cutting down to size of an errant regional troublemaker and the investment worthiness of anti-missile technology.


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