The Ability to Wage War on Space

Why might the Americans believe that the April event will in fact be the launch of a space vehicle? The citizenry of Japan might breathe a sigh of relief if North Korea does send up a satellite instead of arcing something ballistic over Hokkaido, but strategic analysts surely won’t. For the acquisition of the technology necessary to propel an object into peaceful orbit of the Earth and perhaps exploration of the heavens implies the consequent capacity to develop the missile technology necessary to take that technology down.  In October 2006 Bush signed a new National Space Policy asserting the United States’ right to deny adversaries access to space for hostile purposes. “From the viewpoint of the peaceful use of space and security,” the US and Japan were not happy when China destroyed one its own satellites with a ballistic missile. So with this push through the horizons, the “impoverished” North could yet again set its sights on possessing the technical capacity to threaten to do unto others…



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