China Washing North Korea’s Buttocks?

An editorial in the Chosun Ilbo reports the Nanfang Daily, a Chinese newspaper, criticising its country’s foreign policy with regard to North Korea.  “Why does China wash North korea’s buttocks only?” it asks, as it makes the same complaint critics of North korea policy do in theUS and South Korea. The Chosun notes that Chinese officials have remarked merely that they are “paying attention” to the impending launch, and urges the Chinese to use their freed-up-hand with regard to Tibet to “cross the river” with Hilary Clinton, as they promised last month. One hopes it is precisely because of the April 4-8 launch that the South Korean government has invited Chinese Prime Minister in early April to Jeju island, car-manufacturing city Ulsan, and finally to Seoul and a meeting with President Lee Myung-bak , and not, as a Chong Wae Dae spokesperson robotically commented, a trip that was planned over a month ago.


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