The USS Stennis is in Town

The Joongang Sunday advertises the presence of nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis at the Key Resolve joint US-ROK forces maneuvers last week. Its a capital ship of the US navy and the short report will be reassuring to those who wish to be reassured about the clout a real superpower wields. After witnessing the landing of various fighter jets on the Stennis during Key Resolve, the reporter said that


“It seemed from the booming roar of the planes that they had exploded. There is an awesome quantity of firepower condensed onto this aircraft carrier, about which lurks danger at every turn. “


The effect of the knowledge of the Stenniss proximity on the actions of those to whom it is directed is not clear, although it may serve to remind them of the kind of toys no amount of counterfeit currency production can buy.



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