Keeping Speculation Alive

The North has reportedly covered the top of the rocket so as to  keep the world guessing about its payload, and, in doing so, oddly demonstrated a basic flaw in satellite monitoring technology. In fact the process of adding liquid fuel will be completed on March 29th and observers will only be able to tell if its a satellite or not once it has entered orbit. So only when the payload is apparently floating round the planet rather than heading as far away from Hawaii as the North promised, will it be known whether the  thing is to be referred to as Taepodong 2 or Kwangmyongsong-2, this regardless of the multinational Aegis flotilla force now crowding round. This tends to back up the analogy that shooting down a missile is like shooting a bullet with a bullet and further suggest that Japan or the US will have to make a firm decision whether to engage its missile defence systems ahead of the launch rather than after it has occured.


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