A Hostile Act in an Ongoing War

The Korean war is technically not over. A peace treaty was never signed.  The proxy economic war was over decades ago. So the North has only one arena in which to compete. It must look tougher.

It is the unemployed bodybuilder who, as needs must, developed his own home made creatine and started to spend longer and longer in the gym, always going the roundabout way home so that he can walk past the broad gravel drive of his rich but estranged brother and stare at him with increasing menace as he gets home each day, returning, yes,  a little more prosperous, but the creases in those worry lines caused by his psychopathic sibling’s glower daily more evident to his concerned family as he steps into the living room.

This metaphor was brought to you by Kim Jong-il, who, dragged up with his father’s mentality out of the thirties, the forties, and the fifties, declaimed on the occasion of his recent birthday, “We will surely win!”


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