North Korea Threatens Stronger Measures

Although South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has ruled out a military response when North Korea launches its satellite carrying ICBM later this week or next, the North has reinforced the indignation it showed when it turned down America’s free food by threatening “stronger measures” should South Korea, the US, and Japan take the world historical step of referring their actions to the UN security council. It is being suggested that the North’s stronger measure might be a second testing of a nuclear device, although not the same one as in the first test –that was partially destroyed in 2006. Thus the peninsula will be facing a cyclical action and response pattern for years to come: missile test-sanctions-nuclear test-sanctions- missile test-sanctions-nuclear test-sanctions. This is the best possible scenario for the South. Given the North’s limited capability, it will have unilaterally disarmed within about five years.

They must look this way to the North, too.


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